Jim-Furyk swing speed With the golf courses of today getting longer club golfers are obsessed with distance off the tee. When it comes to distance it’s all about swing speed or more importantly ball speed. The swing speed with the driver of the average tour player is around the 113 mph mark. The Tiger can get it up to 125 mph and sometimes faster. This speed roughly converts to around the 290 yard mark. On the Tour truck we use a fairly sophisticated launch monitor to measure flight distances and tune all the required factors into getting the most from the players speed such as shaft (weight, flex and kick-point), driver head design (spin rate) and even the type of ball. However there is no such thing as the best swing speed as it all depends on what’s comfortable and what can be replicated. Speed is only good if it’s straight and it’s why the longest pros on Tour don’t always win tournaments. Jim Furyk won recently and is 189th on driving distance with an average distance of 261.2 yards. Maybe you do drive for show and putt for dough!

with Derek Murray from www.foregolf.ie

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