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The key to hitting big accurate powerful tee shots is developing a good inside path on your downswing. To test your swing path place a stick just outside the ball pointing in the direction you want your ball to go. Simulate your swing checking that your downswing passes inside the line of the stick. A very common mistake is where a player goes “over the top” on the downswing, this type of swing passes over the outside of the stick resulting in a weak shot.

Practice Drill

Here’s a great drill to help you develop a constant inside path. Place your drive cover just a couple of inches away from the ball. Play your drive as normal making sure you don’t hit the cover. This will help you develop a consistent inside path, resulting in more power and greater accuracy off the tee.

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  1. This is all sound theory. One caveat though. I worked on this exact move a couple of years back and I did develop a more powerful driver swing true enough. However, I went too far and soon I became a hook machine. Swing got too flat and it was very hard to reverse the fix.Back on track now Thank God but only after some painful rounds. The hook is THE most destructive shot in golf and this will get you there fast if not done with care....thanks.