bubba watson fat funny[3] Kudos to Bubba Watson dressed up as BubbaClaus on youtube or expertly playing a country hick in the golf boys video but the word inside the ropes of the PGA Tour is that Bubba has gotten himself a bit of a rep for being “moody”, to say the least.

On his first overseas outing to Paris for a European Tour event, Bubba was being rubbed up the wrong way from the get go, having a pop at the fans over cameras and mobile phones on the course and the tournament organizers for their marshalling, or lack of it. The splendid sites of Paris seemed to be lost on Bubba too, he referred to the Arc de Triomphe as "the arch way" and the Palace of Versailles "the castle that we are staying next to."

I cant wait to see what Bubba makes of Royal St. George's next week, a place described as an “absolute dump” by a fellow Tour player on twitter.  Paris it aint.

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