matt every putterGreat fun trying to figure out Matt Every’s putter at the Sony Open.  It’s a BlackHawk model from Orion golf. The theory behind it is to get the highest MOI possible based on the current restrictions of the USGA on putter size. The size also allows the golfer to easily sole the club and set their hands in the same position without effort. It is made of a forged Aluminium alloy and has a black sapphire coating. The feel of the putter is very solid and the roll of the ball is consistent from toe to heel. In theory it is not possible to mishit a putt with the club as it rolls true no matter where it is struck.  It retails from about 250 US dollars.

orion golf black hawk

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  1. I putt badly enough that I think I will just stick with my Scotty Cameron and not draw any more attention to myself. I don't need a light aircraft attempting a landing on my putter during my backswing anyway.
    Shane in Hays, KS