John Daly has had to withdraw from the Avantha Masters in India after an altercation with a Himalayan Black Bear left him with torn ligaments in his right arm.  It is believed a fracas broke out between the two, when the bear entered the back garden of Daly’s rented house in New Delhi seeking maize and corn, it’s winter diet.
An Indian policeman said “It is very aggressive and can attack without provocation. It has been observed to kill goats, sheep and the small mules of villagers and herdsmen. The bear was obviously unaware of this when he entered Daly’s compound”.

himalayanbear02 It is believed the pair fought for for up to an hour before veterinary marksmen armed with a tranquilizer gun managed to get a clear shot and subdue Daly.  Both reported injuries with Daly emerging the better of the two with minor ligament damage to the right arm.
The 600 Kg bear suffered facial injuries in the attack and said after “I’m heading for the Himalayan hills, I don’t know why maize and corn lured me down here when I have insects, termites, nuts, pears and apricots  at 10,000 feet.  I have to ron flash admit I was wholly unaware of a land based predator more fearsome than I in the lowlands. Lesson learned.”
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