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DRIVER Nike VR_S Covert Tour (9.5°) with a Mitsubishi Diamana X 70 shaft 
FAIRWAY METALS Nike VR Limited Edition (15°, 19°) with Fujikura Rombex X shafts 
IRONS Nike VR Pro Blades (three-PW) with Project X 6.5 shafts 
WEDGES Nike VR Pro (54°, 60°) with Project X 6.5 shafts 
PUTTER Nike Method 006 prototype and Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport GSS prototype 
BALL Nike 20XI-X 

We still think he retains the option of using his Scotty Cameron putter if he wishes.

These pics were taken at the Els Club in Dubai where Rory McIlroy was practicing.  A passer by snapped a pic of Rory’s new Nike clubs and there, pride of place was his trusty Scotty Cameron headcover. It seems incomprehensible that a Nike Method putter would be sheathed in a Scotty headcover. However eagle eyed spotters will also notice the Swoosh headcover of the Nike Method putter snuggled in behind the irons. My read is that Rory has his choice of both (like Tiger Woods), otherwise Nike would not even allow the Scotty to be seen in the bag under their strict marketing rules.
There are 15 clubs in the bag shown.  Along with the Nike VR II Pro blades, it looks like Rors is also going to choose between a Pro Combo cavity back long iron, a 3 and 5 fairway wood. Also there are 46, 50 and 54 “Rors” stamped wedges.  The Nike Covert driver is also in the bag.
I’ve been doing Rory’s what’s in the bag since he turned pro so am really delighted to have got the first look at this.
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What’s In The Nike Bag 2013 Rory McIlroy

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