This week’s lesson comes from PGA Professional Gareth McCausland of Ballyliffin Golf Club in Donegal.

gareth lesson with arrowsDid you enjoy the Masters? One of the key shots used by many of the players who laid up on the par 5 13th and 15th holes was the low pitch that is thrown all the way to the pin, then zips to a stop. Every player in the field had it.

It’s a really fun shot to play from 40 to 80 yards and a great one to have in your arsenal.

To play the shot use a 52 degree lob wedge or a pitching wedge. Grip down the shaft and place the ball back in the stance. Push the hands forward. Now really commit to the shot, you’re aim should be to land the ball at the pin. Correctly executed, the trajectory is no more than 10-15 feet off the ground.

The set up will deloft the club and get you striking down on the ball, imparting the most spin possible. It’s a shot that’s easy to practice at the range or with a bucket of balls on the lawn.

Having a go-to pitch like this to fall back on gets some of the world’s best players out of some sticky situations and capitalize on par 5’s. It certainly did for Adam Scott!

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