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When you see the Tour professionals play this week at Carton House you can only marvel at their putting, especially the tempo and pace on long putts. Many club golfers find they struggle with long putting pace control. Sometimes they accelerate too much, other times they 'forget' to hit the ball hard enough.

Here’s a great drill to improve your speed control. Recent research studies have actually found that people who moved their focus to the target (i.e. the hole) in long putting actually control their pace and accuracy better than those who focused on the ball! I still wouldn't try it on the course but it can certainly help you in practice if you try the following:

1. Drop a few balls 20 feet from the cup and set up to the ball as you normally would.

2. Then practice making some putts but do this looking at the hole during your stroke not the ball! You should start to feel a smoother through stroke and after the initial anxiety of “am I going to hit this” you will start to enjoy the freedom of this smooth stroke.

3. Finally move back to looking at the ball and see if you can repeat this smooth feeling. Mix up looking at the ball and hole in your practice session putts intermittently until you begin to feel the rhythm of your stroke improve.

I really hope this helps your game and makes putting practice a little more varied and fun!


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