This week’s lesson comes from Doonbeg PGA Teaching Pro Ian Kearney. To book a lesson or to contact Ian at Doonbeg Golf Club email or call 087-7679976

This week we will see the best golfers in the world crisply strike their irons shots from tight lies at the British Open. If you struggle with fat or thin iron shots this drill will help you learn a better impact position for your shorter iron shots.

Take your normal set up with an 8-iron (pic 1). The aim is to hit a low 50 yard shot using a half swing. In order to keep the ball lower the shaft must lean to the target at impact; with the left forearm and shaft almost forming a straight line that clearly leans to the target (pic 2). The grip will be ahead of the clubhead.

As it is only a half swing you will have an abbreviated follow through. Watch your trajectory and experiment to see how low you can keep the ball. This is the basis of the punch shot which will help greatly in windy conditions. The correct impact will be where you will slightly strike down on the ball with the divot coming after you make contact with the ball.

So remember, keep the club leaning to the target, to produce a well struck low shot. The correct impact will feel effortless but compressing the ball correctly is essential for distance and control. Sounds simple but this is something many Tour golfers regularly practice to improve their impact!

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