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Over the past few years I have been lucky enough to spend time with renowned American PGA Coach Michael Hebron. Michael was one of the first people I met to highlight the importance of understanding and focusing on what the "stick" or club does during the swing. If you struggle with your chipping this simple learning drill focusing on how the club works through impact will really help you.

1. Take your normal set up to the ball for a small chip from two yards off the green and choose an 8-iron. Place the club directly behind the ball as if you were just about to play the shot.

2. Now, instead of making a backswing, try to push the ball onto the green. Most players with poor chipping technique will try to flick the ball breaking their left wrist. This causes the ball to roll up the face and drop in front; it will not roll out along the intended line.

3. To execute the drill correctly, with the club leaning slightly towards the target, concentrate on maintaining a nice long straight line down the left arm and club shaft. When you successfully push the ball onto the green with control you will have learned the correct impact and motion for a basic chip shot. After a few minutes, add in a little backswing and see if you can replicate the feeling from the drill.

Adding this drill to your practice sessions will greatly improve your impact position when chipping.

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