The final round of the Valero Texas Open was like a grumbling appendix, a bloody painful experience.
The pace of play was again a massive problem with an average time for the final groups of five and half hours.

loupeDespite officials approaching several players with bad times, no penalties were handed out.

Andrew Loupe was one of the biggest offenders, with his farcical pre shot routine.  When handed a bad time then watched by the referee he hit his next shot within the allotted 40 seconds, when the ref moved on, Loupe slowed down to 1 min 15 secs.

Even Zach Johnson, with God looking down on him from on high, blamed absolutely everything in an interview, except the PLAYERS for the scourge of slow play.

And don’t get me started on not shouting “fore”, the spectators must have felt like they were defending the Alamo, as they got peppered time and again by balls without any warning calls.
The penalties need to be financial for this to stop. And where is John Paramor when you need him!?

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Here are the final round highlights for what they are worth.

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