At a hastily arranged press conference in Nashville Tennessee today representatives from L'Oreal Paris presented Brandt Snedeker with their Best Woman's Hair In The World 2015 Award.

In his acceptance speech Snedeker exclusively revealed he will not be changing his hairstyle for the 2015 PGA Tour season. Or ever.

"I've had this hairstyle since the age of two" Snedeker told reporters holding up a picture of himself as a disheveled toddler.

"I remember my mother had to even sell my t-shirt and shoes to get the money to send me to the same hair stylist that worked with Johnny Cash and his wife. I remember descending the stairs with my 'June Carter Cash' look and the whole family clapping excitedly in the kitchen. "Wow" said my father, shaking my hand. "Wrong Cash but I gotta admit that's some f*cking hairstyle son," he said.  I knew right then and there I had struck gold and this award just confirms that."

Snedeker will take over from Jane Fonda in L'Oreal's 2015 Because I'm Worth It TV campaign commencing with a 30 second advert due to air at halftime during The Superbowl.

Pic h/t Sneds twitter

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