Friends of Lee Westwood can start practicing their "Oh my God its socks, just what I need" faces after the Englishman was discovered in a Thai sweat shop hand making them yesterday.

According to sources miserly Westwood was so intent on saving money on Christmas presents, he flew to Thailand on his private jet and bribed a six year with a ten pence piece and vintage Nottingham Forest shirt to take his place at the loom for his 22 hour shift.
"Every year it's the same with Lee" said good friend Darren Clarke. "As sure as you can count on the Baby Jesus being stolen from the town crib, Lee will get you socks.  I just put on my smiley face and hug him even though I'm f*cking livid."

More as it emerges.

Update: Carlsberg have issued legal proceedings against Lee Westwood after Instagram post. Full story here.

h/t Lee instagram

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