Things are going from bad to worse for Lee Westwood.  Just one day after being photographed in a Thai sweat shop, the Englishman faces a court appearance after beverage giant Carlsberg took exception to his Instagram post.

The controversy erupted after Westwood posted a picture of his hotel room bath with the line "If Carlsberg did baths they'd do them overlooking a golf course & racetrack!

 The Korean owner of Carlsberg Thum-Pin Hedaik quickly issued a statement condemning Westwood's post and threatening legal action.

"How dare he presume as to how Carlsberg would do a bath," said Hedaik. "But rest assured it would be sunken into the floor and long enough that you could stretch your legs out in, unlike the picture of a "pot" he posted.  And another thing our bath would not overlook a racetrack, it would overlook the World Cup Final or some other fabulous event we could sponsor.  We'll see him in court."

More as it emerges.  

h/t: Lee instagram

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