Poults and Billy Ho were paired up together at the Franklin Templeton Shootout and looked to be having fun after Poults chipped into the hole on 12th and the subsequent high-5 from Billy almost separated the Englishman's shoulder from its socket.

The mood soured somewhat after that according to a Golf Digest report detailing a six minute altercation between the pair and a cameraman. Poulter and Horschel were told to drop away from the camera tower, but neither fancied the angle and instead wanted the camera on the tower taken down to let them try their initial intended shot.

"I don't want that camera there. Because if this thing is cutting…" Poulter said.

"Hey dude with the camera in the tower, are you able to move that camera that way," Horschel asked. "Buddy we're talking to you."

The harassment continued as the Fox announce team (for once Saturday) kept quiet. Horschel kept up the badgering.

"What if he just lowers it to underneath the bar? Can you lower it?"

The cameraman finally spoke. "I'm going to walk away."

Not the answer Horschel was looking for.

"Who told you to walk away? No no no, buddy, don't walk. Don't leave yet. Who told you can't do it?" 

"The guy on the other end," the cameraman said meekly, not wanting to be the story.

Greg Norman, working for Fox Sports was loving it all and chimed in.

"Okay Ian Poulter, you better step up there 'sunshine' and hit a good shot here."
Poulter chunked his shot badly, appearing to try a line that proved his point about need a drop. Horschel took a safe line but also only advanced his ball a hundred yards or so. The entire escapade had wasted a lot of time but gave the Fox team a chance to shine by largely staying out of the way.

"That camera was in no danger," Buck concluded after the two poor shots never sniffed the tower. Norman agreed.
The whole incident didn't help the pair's focus and they ended up tying for third. Cameron Tringale and Jason Day won.

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