It's Friday and time to run down my five favourite videos of the week for all you Tour players and caddies sitting in the locker rooms and looking for a laugh.  Taken from my facebook and twitter profiles.  

1. Kids With Paint On Faces And Dad Trying Not To Laugh
This one is fantastic. Dad arrives home to find two little sons have left carnage downstairs with paint everywhere and are themselves covered in it and looking guilty!

2. Beached
Woman narrowly escapes rogue jet ski that then crashes onto beach. Ouch!

3. RTE News: Man Falling On Ice
It's the five year anniversary of probably the funniest news report ever. I remember watching it live!

4. Guys In Car Singing Frozen
Abasoluety brilliant version of "Love Is An Open Door" from two guys on their way to work one day!

5. The Wife Hack
A lecture on the wife zone you'll never forget. A classic!
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