Several sites have listed their wishes for 2015 so I thought it might be nice to highlight a few things nobody wants to see ever again on Tour. 

1. Players Who Don't Shout Fore

Come on guys shout "Fore" if your ball is headed towards spectators.  Keeping shtum in the hope of a favourable hop off some lady's head is bang out of order.  Let the death of cricketer Philip Hughes be a lesson.  In 2014 we also had the case of Joakin Boden and even a golfer Fabrizio Zanotti who were very lucky to escape serious injury after being hit by a ball.

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2. Going Berserk With The Cameraman

On course camera and sound men are just doing there job. It's their skill and talent that make TV coverage of golf so good.  So guys please don't attack them when you're not playing well; they are only doing their job.  Here's Tiger being annoyed at one in 2014 when "space" became an issue.

3. Throwing A Hissy Fit

I'm backing Bubba Watson to add to his Major haul in 2015 but hopefully he'll have a season without the hissy fits that poor old Teddy Scott had to endure last year.  Remember this when water got on his clubface?  And Bubba is be no means the worst!!

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