Top doctors and surgeons meeting in Cambridge for the 12th annual Webster Symposium this morning issued a statement voicing their concerns that Sky Sports Golf Presenter Sarah Stirk could develop a "bad back" from working on the new studio set. 

B&Q apprentice carpenters, who made the set from offcuts of white melamine kitchen units and broken golf buggy seats, dismissed the claim, telling the medics they could "go and get f**ked" for themselves.

National treasure Stirk appeared to slip off the ergonomically defunct seating several times during last nights PGA Tour broadcast but was saved by co-host and 41 time PGA Tour appearance making player Gary Christian.

Appearing in a low slung nightgown and cradling her two puppies Stirk told reporters on her doorstep this morning that Sky had agreed to fit a safety harness and winch system to the seats for tonight's broadcast.

It is unclear as yet however whether 41 time PGA Tour tee'er upper Christian will appear alongside Stirk for this weekends coverage.  His manager told reporters this morning he's never done a weekend on the PGA Tour before.

More as it emerges.     
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