I dont really know how Notably Gay III balances his friendship with Tiger Woods with his job as a golf  analyst.  It cannot be easy, especially when he appears on the Dan Patrick show and dismisses Tiger "deactivated glutes" with the opening line that athletes sometimes are "not the smartest" people on Earth.

Notably comes across very impressively and it's hard to argue with his analysis.

"The mechanical deficiencies leaked into his confidence and then confidence leads into doubt, and then it's just an avalanche of doubt and second-guessing after that," he added. "That's kind of what we're seeing, this culmination of physical scar tissue from his injuries, mental scar tissue from playing a lot of bad golf, and now confidence is definitely lower than it's been in a long time." For sure, that’s no laughing matter.


Here's the whole chat.  The glutes chat is at about 5 mins 30 seconds in.

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