Ah hang on now, this is pushing the 'Blacken Patrick Reed's Name' thing a bit too far.   

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I see on Stephanie Wei's site, she has published an interview with an anonymous ex teammate, who has taken to the witness box in the Kangaroo Court!

2. Before the team’s first tournament, during a qualifying round at the Forest Hills Golf Club in Augusta, Reed was playing with a teammate. It was normal for the players not to use score cards, and to relay their scores to Josh Gregory, the coach, when the round had finished. Reed texted his score, and the teammate noticed that it was the wrong score—one shot lower than Reed had actually shot. He said nothing at the time, but told his teammates. The teammates took no action at that point.
3. In the very next qualifying round, either the next day or two days later, Reed was playing at Goshen Plantation, this time with Mitch Krywulcyz, Taylor Floyd, and Brendan Gillins. Krywulcyz was responsible for relaying their scores to Gregory, and once again, Reed told him a score that the team believed to be incorrect. After the round, the teammates discussed the score and confirmed what they believed, that Reed’s announced score had been lower than the actual score. Krywulcyz called Reed, who backed up the score he had given Krywulcyz. At that point, the players agreed that something strange was happening—given Reed’s reputation, two false scores in a row raised suspicions.
 Personally I think that Wei is playing judge jury and executioner with this. Sure, Pat Reed isn't my favourite player, but this could be pushing it too far.
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