It was bound to happen that Robert Allenby's former caddie Mick Middlemo, after splitting so dramatically, was going to spill the beans about the time his ex-boss got "drugged, abducted and beaten" in Hawaii at the start of the year.

Middlemo told TheAge in Australia that he "protected him to the hilt" in January, and was schooled by Allenby on what to tell the media.

Now Middlemo says Allenby "just fell over shitfaced drunk" after consuming a large amount of wine and tequila on an empty stomach and cut his head.

Middlemo now says he believes Allenby's drink was not spiked and he simply fell over and cut his face after drinking too much wine and tequila and not eating enough food.
"Do I think he got mugged and bashed and absolutely robbed? No I don't. That's the story I told because that's the story he told me to tell because I wasn't there," Middlemo said. "Do I think he just fell over and cracked his head? Honestly I do … I think he fell over and someone picked up his wallet and had a great time with his credit card."

And as regards Allenby's assertion that someone out there had the truth that would clear his name? Middlemo says "I kept thinking 'No it's not, because you probably just fell over shitfaced drunk. You didn't have enough to eat, you had a few wines, you fell over'."

You know what? If Allenby had just said "I got drunk and shit happened that I cant remember" this would have all blown over a long time ago. Middlemo has basically cleared him of a lot of other stuff people thought he was up to that night!

But if you dig a hole with a lie......

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