The true story behind Yao Ming's photo appearances at Chinese golf events every year.

That freakishly tall Chinese ex-basketball guy says he's sick and tired of being wheeled out before every golf tournament in China for photos.

Yao Ming is flat out busy with skip hire coming up to Christmas.

Yao Ming, who now works as a lorry driver for a skip hire company in Guangdong Province, told reporters he's done with being objectified and made to take unpaid leave from work just to stand next to guys like Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods for pictures.

"我只是生病,厌倦了被客观化,因为我的身高,并站在旁边的家伙,像Rory McIlroy,老虎伍兹和加里球员。
我甚至不喜欢高尔夫球。" said Ming.


"F*ck this shit," said the former Houston Rocket who mostly drops and collects commercial skips now but does the odd domestic skip as well for people cleaning out sheds and garages. "They bring me out here just so everyone can have the good laugh at the really tall guy. I'm not stooping to this level anymore, I'm flat out busy at this time of year with skips."

"I get about twenty quid for the gig every year and I'm taxed about 19 of it in this f*ck up of a country" said Ming, who's known as "Yao Minge" to the lads at work.

More as it emerges.

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