Despite rumours to the contrary last week, Rory McIlroy has never used a Bridgestone golf ball masquerading as a Nike.  But Tiger Woods has!  An anonymous Nike insider got in touch to correct a few facts following an article I posted regarding Tiger Woods using a Bridgestone ball at the Hero World Challenge.  I stated that Tiger Woods had been using a Bridgestone Ball all through his Nike days.

Rory McIlroy Tiger Woods Nike Golf Ball
The facts about the "Nike" balls used by Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods

I have to admit hand on heart, that I was less than certain saying that Tiger had used a Bridgestone ball throughout his Nike career, but my insider tells me that there's a lot of truth in there.

The Facts About Tiger Woods And Rory McIlroy's Nike Golf Balls

  1. To set the record straight, Bridgestone made Nike's most premium balls thru one Tour and One Tour D.
  2. Tiger Woods played the Tour D until his last comeback a year and half ago when he put RZN in play.
  3. Rory McIlory played RZN from day one as a Nike sponsored tour player.
  4. No RZN balls were ever produced by Bridgestone.

So there you have it. We know Rory said he has enough Nike balls put aside for the next few years but it will be interesting to see whether he also moves to Bridgestone in 2017.

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