Everybody is in shock at the Dubai Desert Classic this morning after Tiger Woods withdrew from the tournament prior to his second round citing a "back spasm."

Mark Steinberg Tiger Woods Spasm
Mark Steinberg abruptly ends his interview after being asked who Tiger's mysterious "Personal Trainer" is.

Woods said himself that his back was 100% after yesterday's first round and it was just a case of playing poorly.

Rumours were plenty after Woods failed to even appear from his hotel this morning and instead sent agent Mark Steinberg out to field questions.

Steinberg cut his interview off abruptly after blurting out to reporters that Woods had seen his "trainer only, no doctor" then refusing to name the trainer.  It seemed a nerve was touched.  It seemed like the reporter knew very well the answer himself but asked the leading question anyway to see what might happen! Here's the clip.

The theories on the range in Dubai this morning are many but most surround the mysterious "personal trainer." Nobody seems to who this person is. Nobody seems to understand how Woods could suffer a back spasm, and not call in some of the finest doctors in the world that reside in the area to assist, or even visit the European Tour physio truck.

Other rumours say that Woods left Dubai last night and flew home. No injury.

 The joke doing the rounds inside the ropes is that Tiger may have suffered a "rack injury" and not a "back injury"during a session with this mystery personal trainer!

On a more serious note, the no-show by Tiger himself this morning to make a statement personally has not gone down well with European Tour players officials and the tournament sponsors.

More as it emerges.

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