The latest surgeon to "have a go" at fixing Tiger Woods back, Dr. Richard Guyer of the Texas Back Institute, yesterday performed surgery to fuse two of big cats vertebrae.

Tiger Woods Back Surgery
The single layer fusion surgery Tiger Woods underwent yesterday.

But is this the end for Woods as a pro golfer? Doc says no.

"After he recovers from surgery, he will gradually begin his rehabilitation until he is completely healed," Guyer said. "Once that's accomplished, his workouts will be geared to allowing him to return to competitive golf.

"If you are going to have single-level fusion, the bottom level is the best place for it to occur. Some individuals are born with one less vertebrae, which would be similar to someone who had a single-level fusion," Guyer added.
Woods now faces another six more months of doing nothing before rehab can begin.

Rich Beem is an authority on bad backs and his opinion is that Woods is not helping his own situation by adhering to a ridiculous gym routine.

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I found this video of single layer fusion back surgery.  Look away now if your squeamish!

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