It looks like when the Fed Ex Cup playoffs are on across the Atlantic, the European Tour just throw in the towel.  I think I've just spotted a monumental cock up here.

This week at the D&D Czech Masters is the first week that the players can earn points for the 2018 Ryder Cup.  That's pretty significant right? A way to get some headlines?

Yet the D&D Czech Masters is also a co-sanctioned event with the European Challenge Tour.

Can anyone see the problem here yet?

So what we potentially have here is a situation where Challenge Tour players, will be winning the Ryder Cup points that full European Tour card holders will kindof be needing to get on the Team!

Then these Challenge Tour players, unless they get other starts on the full European Tour, will get no other chances to earn Ryder Cup points rendering the ones they get this week......well..... pretty pointless.

And if a top Tour player (who goes to the Czech Republic) to play this week loses out on the Ryder Cup Team by a handful of points, pinched way back at the Czech Open by a Challenge Tour player, won't everyone look a bit silly???

Mister Pelley or somebody please set me straight. There has to be a contingency surely? Anyone?

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