PGA Tour caddie Michael Greller is hoping Jordan Spieth wont notice that he took it upon himself to fix the big warp in the shaft of Texan's putter.

"The feckin' thing has had a massive warp in the shaft for about a year and it was doing my head in," said Greller. "Jordan reversed over his bag in January last year, 'coz he's an absolutely useless driver, but refused to admit the shaft got bent.  Even when he couldn't putt snow off a rope all through 2018 he would give in that the putter was warped. He actually thought it was his stroke!"

Greller revealed he secretly removed the putter from the bag last Monday night in Fort Worth and had a local club professional replace it with a new straight one.

"Jordan is going around like the Lord of the bloomin' manor after getting 15 putts out of 15 in the first round yesterday," added Greller. "He was pointing at me and saying 'see....see...see' all evening after the round.  Little does he know it's because I fixed the fucking warped putter for him!"

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