Gordon Brand was in Portrush two weeks ago, the headphones on his ears, walking alongside Shane Lowry as he called the British Open for BBC radio.  As healthy as a trout, he has now sadly passed away.


The best tribute I've read to Gordon is from Alistair Tait of Golfweek.  He captures the man who could give a fair old ribbing but could take one too! This was their banter the last time they met at Portrush two weeks ago.

“What do you know?” he said as he sat down to breakfast in the media center.
“The usual: nothing.”
“No change there, then,” Brand replied. “I don’t know why I even ask you anymore. You’re as useless as ever.”
Brandie, as he was known to his friends, liked a bit of banter, actually a lot of banter, and could give it as well as take it.
“And I suppose you’re a font of all knowledge?”
“No, same as you,” he replied. “I know nothing too.”
“That’s probably why we’re sitting together.”
“Yup,” he said.

Brand was playing on the Staysure Tour of late.

Paul McGinley gives a nice tribute.

Richard Kaufmann posted a lovely picture.

And the last word to Sam Torrance.


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