The parents of three adult daughters, home for Christmas, have warned them of the dangers of messing around with botox and cosmetic surgery, citing Holly Sonders as an example of what can go wrong.

Mother of the house and keen golfer Helen O'Driscoll, 57, from Dublin in Ireland issued the stark warning to her daughters, two of whom work in the US and aren't really that good looking.

"Look at poor old Holly Sonders and the state of her," Mrs O'Driscoll said whilst showing her daughters a photo of Sonders being proposed to by some absolute dodge on Instagram yesterday.

"Well I used to love Holly Sonders on the Golf Channel" Mrs O'Driscoll continued. "Now you wouldn't even recognise her the poor girl. I thought I was looking at Nancy Pelosi first. Destroyed with that bloody botox and plastic surgery no doubt. Probably on her nose. It was too big, I always said it. There isn't a pick on her either, she's emaciated, that lad she's with mustn't be feeding her at all at all.  What she needs now is a warm blanket and a bowl of soup."

Mrs O'Driscoll's husband Mark agrees. "Oh by Jesus Holly used be a fine thing! I remember back in the day all the lads in the pub had the pictures of her in the nip she was sending to yer man Dustin Johnson!  That was before she ruined herself with cosmetic surgery....she's like yer man Caitlyn Jenner now so she is," he said.

"Ten years ago, if Holly Sonders knocked on the door and told me to leave the wife and run away with her I've have done it in a I'd have to think long and hard about it," added Mr O'Driscoll.

"But I'd probably still go."

More as it emerges.

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