To golf fans he's our loveable Asian rogue with that cheeky non-existent grin, but to South Korea Sang-Moon Bae is just another soldier whose sole aim over the next two years is to defend his country and kill its mortal enemy, North Korea's Kim Jong-Un.

That's my read of the situation anyway with the news today that Bae faces military conscription at the end of the month.

Under South Korean law all able bodied men (Bae just qualifies as this having won the Open last season) aged 18-35 must serve their time in the country's military service unless they have a permit from the dictator who runs their own country.

Having spent 133 days in South Korea during 2014 Bae does not qualify for an extension of his permit and, as a last resort it would seem, employed the unfortunately titled law firm Jipyoung, to argue for a special exemption.

We will miss his antics if Sang Moon doesn't show for the PGA Tour in 2015.

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