With his whole body covered in plaster Padraig Harrington told reporters at a press conference in Phoenix today that he is still determined to hit the 10,000 practice shots he promised before Christmas. 

The three time Major Champion reached 9,999 practice hits over a five week period without sleep on a range in Dublin before his entire vertebral column collapsed in on itself requiring extensive emergency surgery.

"I'm talking to the surgeons about developing a cast which will allow me the two millimeters of movement I need to make a few swings, hit that last practice shot and win here in Phoenix," said an upbeat Harrington who insisted in having his thumbs set in an upright position as a sign of confidence.  "I have a couple of more hours before my scheduled tee time, so I'm confident I got this. If I can get five wins and a couple of Majors this year I'll be reasonably happy."

More as it emerges.  
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