Admit it! That's what you were thinking as the account of what happened Robert Allenby the other day in Hawaii gets even more bizarre.
Initially the shaded one accused Charade Keane, the woman who is said to have saved him, of being paid to lie about what happened.  Today he thanked her and gave her a $1000 AmEx gift card.  The video of their meeting is actually pretty nice.

This is a segment of the  account I read about what actually happened from the bastion of truth that is Fox Sports.
According to Keane, however, Allenby was talking with the two homeless men, whom she knows, and she thought the men were helping him. The two men mentioned to her that Allenby had hit his head on a rock.
"They started arguing when I got up there, and I realized this wasn't well. I need to get him out of here," she said, and confirmed Allenby's story that the men were trying to rob him. "I just wanted him to get away because I wasn't sure of the situation. They started arguing again."

Keane told Allenby to come with her, and when he did, the two men followed. Eventually, Allenby asked Keane for help negotiating a deal with the men to leave him alone. According to Keane, Allenby suggested he would give them $500 in exchange for his wallet and phone because he thought the men had robbed him.

Honolulu detectives don't seem to be convinced though.  A statement from them yesterday read...

"Detectives are reviewing witness statements and gathering security video footage.  They are also looking into recent charges made on Mr. Allenby's credit card. No arrest has been made.

"Detectives have opened second degree robbery and fraudulent use of credit card investigations. Second degree robbery is punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment; fraudulent use of credit cards is punishable by up to five years."
  Oh dear! There's more to this than meets the black eye!!
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