Poor old Olympic course designer Gil Hanse didn't seem all that convincing in an interview yesterday when he described the course he's building for Rio as now more or less done and in "grow in" mode.

I don't know the guy but I'm betting if he had the opportunity to do it all over again he would have run a mile from the project which has been beleaguered from the start.

“By all accounts it’s going well,” Hanse said. “We’re still hopeful – the project has obviously had a lot of setbacks here and there along the way, so I can’t expect that it’s going to be completely smooth going forward.

“But we’re all enthused; the design is intact. They didn’t ask us to make any changes, so we’re proud of what’s being built.”
And what's all this "grow in mode" about? I thought "grow in mode" was a term my missus uses referring to that waxed bikini line AFTER the Summer holidays! 

Anyway, here's Gil's despondent interview.

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