I swear to God when I dreamed up with the Robert Allenby Abducted By Aliens Just Outside Titty Bar story, I didn't really think it would turn out to be true! Except for the alien bit.

The GolfChannel dispensed with the "what goes on Tour stays on Tour" adage by sending Rex Hoggard to be their Magnum PI in Hawaii and investigate the Allenby kidnapping, beating and credit card affair.

On the plus side for Allenby, Hoggard says he was indeed "robbed of most but not all of his credit cards, some $800 in cash and his phone."

On the minus side according to the GC Allenby and crew stuck $20,000 of charges at
 the Club Femme Nu titty bar adult entertainment
 club. Magnum PI says the Aussie's bar tab was $3,400. Erm....that would leave $16,400 for incidentals!

I'm beginning to feel sorry for the poor bugger, his willy must have taken quite the beating too!  Here's Magnum Rex on the GC.

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