Hawaiian kidnappers today apologized for seizing Robert Allenby from the Amuse Wine Bar near Ala Moana in Honolulu, claiming they thought he was Rory McIlroy.

"Oh my God we so sorry," said head kidnapper and local thug Akami Agbayane. "We're not big golf fans around here but one of the guys just said 'hey that's Rory McIlroy over there' and I thought nabbing him would be an easy way to make some quick cash. My bad."
"All of a sudden the guy started shouting G'day and mouthing off stuff about barbies possoms and sheilas and we kind of knew then we might have taken the wrong man" Agbayane continued.
"Then he told us his name was in fact Robert Allenby. One of the guys did a google search on his phone and realized he wasn't really worth anything so we let him go.  He pleaded to stay with us and even ran after the car. Lovely guy."


GCD is delighted Robert is home safe and well, but just couldn't resist the opportunity.

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