Just when things were looking good for Rory McIlroy, that trial against his former management Horizon Sports, which once seemed so distant in the future is now about to begin.  Though his demeanor roared otherwise, Rors said in Dubai he is not going to have much to do with it, except observe.
“It’s not something that I would want anyone to go through,” McIlroy said in a presser yesterday. “It’s a very sort of tedious and nasty process… Yeah, look, I'm going to be heading to the States regardless with it off my mind and not having to deal with it or think about it. That will be it.” 
There was one moment which cut the tension at the end when the press officer declared this "press conference is adjourned!”

If team McIlroy wins the case, Rory will be free of his Horizon contracts and clear to do his own bidding for the rest of his career.  If he loses, Horizon will have to be compensated on all their contracts; it will by no means break Rory; more like losing a cup full of what will be a vast fortune of career earnings.

So who is favourite? Simply put, Horizon. On the face of it, they seem to have the moral high ground with Rory's case based on being too young and too ditzy to understand what he was signing. Then again, when did morals swing a court case with lawyers involved!

What is more worrying than money for team McIlroy is the damage to Rory's character the trial could do. Whether it could change in some way the public view him based on a revelation in court.  It is an assessment of this risk which may or may not prompt prompt a settlement before the potential muck raking is slated to start next Tuesday.

With Rory perfectly placed to contend for The Masters does he need this distraction and the potential ramifications which could jeopardize this.  For now the trial continues....
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