Checked in with Ian Poulter's twiiter account because I heard he had his Hyundai Genesis courtesy car towed away in an incident but found something more interesting.

Poults posted up this pic of his soccer team from when he was a schoolboy.  Bet you can't spot him!

Regarding his car, it was towed from a Korean restaurant apparently by a security guard who needed a few dollars.
"There were 60 spots in the car park," Poults explained. "We walked 40 yards to a restaurant, but apparently that restaurant that we ate in wasn't quite in the vicinity of where I should have parked."

The security guard shopped himself in straight away!

"I told him my car had been stolen," Poulter said. "He said, 'Nope, we towed it away.' I said, 'That was awfully nice of you.' A few similar words."

But it didn't matter at all, because it was a Courtesy Car.  Let them have it, it's not a Ferrari!

BTW did you spot Ian in his soccer team pic yet??Back row, second kid from left.

Pic tnx: Poults Twitter

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