Laura Davies and Annika Sorenstam are among seven women being held this evening in a police cell in the town of St. Andrews, Scotland after an incident during a drinks reception to welcome them as honorary members of the R&A.

The Chief Executive of the R&A, Peter Dawson, had reportedly just finished hosting a lunch of prawn sandwiches and juniper tea for the club's seven newest female members when 53 time Solheim Cup player Laura Davies was heard to shout "Right ladies, we've been long enough waiting; let's go f*cking mental! Seven slippery knickers shots, line them up!"

Over the next several hours curtains and furnishings are said to have been ripped down, chairs smashed, and mustaches and penises drawn on past chairmen's portraits using sharpies.  The total damage is estimated at £430,000.

When Dawson tried to intervene to calm the situation, he was reportedly caught in a Swedish headlock by Sorenstam before being being kicked in the ass by Davies who shouted "And another thing Dawson, it's Dame Laura Davies to you, you little warthog."

More as it emerges.

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