Deadline Day came and went without a settlement between Rory McIlroy's legal team and former managers Horizon Sports and this morning the world number one is in Dublin's commercial court.

Reporters are camped outside the Four Courts for Rory's arrival around 10am.  He is expected to attend just today and again when he is required to come back and take the stand. It wont be an easy ride for him with experts predicting he could face up to a week of questioning when he does return.

Judging by our court history in Ireland (including the ongoing Ian Bailey case) the McIlroy case would surprise nobody if it were to stretch on beyond its predicted duration meaning a verdict could come very close to US Masters time in early April.

As for the case, it could get very nasty.  Remember both sides were even ordered by a judge to attend mediation and still could not settle their differences.

Rumours from mediation claimed that Team McIlroy offered Horizon somewhere in the region of £10 million to make it all go away but instead Conor Ridge and co took that as an admission of guilt of sorts and pressed on. It's hard to believe that was the sum offered when the total Horizon are seeking from commissions from Nike, Bose and Omega deals is believed to be approx £13 million.

So here we are, about to hear intimate details about Rory's life and finances.  Collateral damage is fully expected to be meted on Graeme McDowell who was said to be getting a better deal from Horizon by Team McIlroy.  The key to Rory's case is an "unconscionable contract" which he claimed he didn't fully understand when he signed.

How will it end?  Monetarily Horizon will win, but it will only be a drop in the ocean for Rory.  Where the real damage will be done in the court will be personal and character damaging.  Nobody wants that.  Except the lawyers whose meters are running.

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