After withdrawing from the Farmers due to injury Tiger Woods suffered a further setback just minutes later as he was sensationally banned from entering the players locker rooms at Torrey Pines.  This following an incident in which he is reported to have urinated on Tim Finchem's shoes. 

Following the incident, Woods used a press briefing in the car park to apologize to the PGA Tour Commissioner and clarify what happened.
“Well, it’s the pattern,” Woods said,  “My bitch of a back was niggling at me and we were all lined up at the urinals having a pee.  My attack angle was much deeper with Sean Foley. Now I’m very shallow. So that in turn affects the spray. I’m not bottoming out in the same spot. It’s a different spot. And it sprayed onto Tim's shoes.”

Woods conceded his problem is also mental, “because the physical pattern of the piss flow is different. So the trust is not quite there. I’m not bottoming out in the same spot. Yeah, to an extent, it is [mental], but I need to physically get my penis in a better spot.”

Woods  ended with this apology....
“I would like to apologize to Tim and for spraying his new suede shoes.  We all have days like this and unfortunately, mine was in the urinals. We take the good with the bad.  I'll use the one with the door in future.”
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