The growth of Brett Rumford's eyebrows is accelerating quicker than previously thought, and could merge in the next 15 years, researchers have warned.

Using new laser beam technology, a team of Australian scientists looked at 10 years’ worth of footage of Rumford's eyebrows and concluded an 18%  increase in thickness and width during the period.

Professor Andrew Peppard, director of the Centre for Monobrow Research at the University of Adelaide, dismissed previous findings that Rumford simply had two giant slugs on his forehead saying that his eyebrows are actually shifting closer together at the rate of 1 millimeter per year and could merge by the year 2030.

“This is a real concern, because Brett is experiencing what we call 'The Bert Effect' where a male develops what appears to be a perfectly formed fanny over his eyes,” he said.

The new research will be published in the Journal Of Science this Thursday.

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