Doctors advising Tiger Woods have warned him to be ultra cautious not to damage his injury prone back on his trip to Asia to "promote golf" this weekend.  

Woods will be required to push a large wheelbarrow of cash through the cities of Shanghai and Tokyo which doctors say could result in a back injury.

"They use a different model of wheelbarrow in China and Japan to what we are used to in the US," Woods agent Mark Steinberg said. "Tiger has been doing a lot of work in the gym working on the myelin patern of Asian wheelbarrow pushing. There are a few unknowns, such as the weight of the cash they use over there but we are hoping everything will be okay."

Meanwhile over on the Golf Channel Notably Gay III said that he had spoken to Woods for eight hours this morning and that despite having blisters on his hands and scuffed knees from a few early trips, Tiger is very confident he will be able to push the wheelbarrow of cash.

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