I enjoyed this one from Kyle Porter where Billy Horschel talks about his holding back on the tongue lashing when an old lady took a picture right in the middle of swing during the final round at Sawgrass.   

"Go to the back side seeing the lead was 10-under and I thought if I could shoot 4- or 5-under I got a chance," said Horschel. "And then, right in my back swing, someone took a picture and ball went left. And I went and spoke to the lady, it was an older lady, and it was lucky she was a lady.
"I was very nice to her. If it was a guy, I would have probably maybe ripped him a new one and I would have taken the fine like a man. And after that it sort of got me off my rhythm, took me a couple holes to get back into it."
I sort of wish it hadn't been an older woman.
"Like I said, if it was a gentleman there would have been some bleeps for sure. But it's Mother's Day, I was trying to be nice to her, there was a lot of people around, I just sort of said, I went up to her and I sort of said, 'Ma'am, you know, taking pictures during the round of golf is not allowed.
"Also, your phone should be on vibrate and silent so if you do take a picture it doesn't affect me. And with you taking that picture just cost me at least one or two shots now.' And I said, 'thank you, have a great day' and I wasn't very happy. I held it together, I was very nice, but inside there was, you know, like said if it was a guy, I may have ripped him a new one."
I sort of wish it had been a guy!
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