Darren Clarke has been summoned before Ryder Cup bosses this morning after it emerged he employed a body double to take on some of his Captaincy duties.

It has emerged that a 37 year old out of work teddy bear called Loads O'Huggin from Clarke's hometown Dungannon has been doing nixer's posing as the Ryder Cup Captain.

"The likeness is incredible," former Captain Paul McGinley told Sky Sports News yesterday. "He has that hairy, disheveled slightly unloved look, with the eyes rolling around in his head. And so has the teddy."

Suspicions first arose when Clarke's teddy double attended a Gala Ryder Cup dinner in Dundee last week but just sat there like an inanimate object when asked to deliver a pre-planned speech while the real Clarke attended the Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas and also sat there like an inanimate object.

The lid was finally blown on the scam yesterday when Clarke switched his double for a photo shoot with top Irish amateur Gavin Moynihan while he ducked out to watch the last 20 kilometeres of the Giro d'Italia down the pub.

More as it emerges.

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