Rory McIlroy must be absolutely knackered; he hasn't stopped going since his win at Quail Hollow, completing a full day of engagements with Nike in London yesterday.

He also found time to do this interview with Dan Patrick where he got asked three of most dick-awful questions before Dan finally pulled his socks up.

"When was the last time you bought a beer? If we played golf, could we have a beer? Can you tell a bad golfer by how they dress?" You could tell by the pause before answering that Rory was wondering "why the hell am I doing this?"

The one snippet I took from the whole piece, and there was only one, was the concession from Rory that Tiger can bench press more than him.

"I probably have shorter arms so I don't have to move the bar quite as far as he does" said McIlroy. I probably bench 230ish ... 240 for one. I'm sure Tiger's up around the 300 mark."
He's up around the 300 mark for something else too!

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