There's only one little thing I absolutely cannot stand about the Solheim Cup; it's those God damn flags on the players cheeks.

I thought the trend might fizzle out like that of the butterfly tattoo just above the arse which become known as a Tramp Stamp but I was wrong.  There's a Solheim Cup coming and the cheeks are already being bared for flaggage.

I might be wrong but I think it was team USA who started the face stamping trend which then spread to tassles and go go's and wrist bands and beads. "They have them so we have to have them." What's wrong with having your team insignia on your clothing without the overwhelming need to accessorize?

I don't really know why I get upset, but I think it makes top class players look like a cross between cheerleaders and a lineup in the children's face painting area.

That image of a glum faced Paula Creamer with both cheeks stamped still gives me nightmares.

So please please please Sandra, Azahra and Suzanne don't give in this time around!! You are way too classy for that.

Pic tnx Sandra Instagram

Just got an assurance from Sandra on Twitter she wont be stamped!  The rant worked!

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