Nice of Rory to say today that if he won the £416,000 first prize at the Irish Open, he would donate the lot to his charitable foundation.

The last time I heard of a player donating his winnings was Monty at the 2005 Indonesia Open.  He gave £24,000 to the Tsunami Fund that year but many believe he did it out of guilt after a controversial ball moving incident in a bunker.  Rory's motivation is entirely different.

"The Irish Open for me for the last few years was becoming a bit of a.... I don't want to say a pain, but it didn't quite fit in the schedule or I just wasn't enjoying it as much as I could," McIlroy said in today's presser.
"So honestly, what I want to get out of it this year is just to raise a lot of money for the foundation for the cancer fund, and ultimately if I play well, and if I do well in the tournament, then all the money that I earn is going to go towards that as well."

Good man Rory.

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