This unnamed Daily Mail source who revealed that the Woods Vonn split was due to Tiger trying to ride more winners than AP McCoy sure provided the paper a lot of detail.

Pic: One of Tiger's 120 winners, Rachel Uchitel heads out to buy a bra.

She says Woods was spotted (and maybe photographed) with a woman after The Farmers but he didn't confess until in the sanctuary of a sex addiction therapy session, that Lindsey had to be cajoled into going.

The friend reveals Lindsey refused go at first. She said it was his problem. But it was also affecting his game so he begged her.
'She worried for him. He was hitting bottom maybe, and she wanted to support him. It's how he kept Elin for those extra months. And he did it to Lindsey.'
'Well she refused to go the first time. And then Tiger arranged for a second time and she went. That's when he confessed, but it backfired.
'She didn't walk out of the session but she walked out on him.'
'I mean, these things happen. It's like falling in love with a rock star or an NBA player. It's going to happen. Mistakes are going to be made.
'But Lindsey is not like Elin, the long-suffering wife who will turn a blind eye. She knew that one relapse could lead to two and three and then he's off to the races.'

Pic: Lindsey last weekend wearing eyeliner. And ears.

She also went into some detail  about Woods being a bit of boring sod.

Cheating wasn't Lindsey's only problem with Tiger.
'She always flew in to be by his side, but he rarely flew to be by her side. A relationship goes both ways. Not just Tiger's way.
'She started to see how Tiger's really obsessed with himself, his game, making money, controlling everything around him.  The girlfriend takes a back seat. Only golf is front and center.'
'This really started to bother her. She was turning into a golf wife, and she's not. She's an Olympian. Tiger loves her. I'm sure he wished she forgave him when they went to therapy.'

The Mail ends with the tantalizing "The source explained that Tiger's transgressions and self obsessions were two problems Lindsey had with Tiger. There was a third."

His hairloss?

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