The response to our Rob Riggle from Step Brothers poll yesterday on GolfCentralDaily social media outlets was fantastic.  We now know for certain what pro golfer you would "Just love to punch right in the suckhole."

Here is the pie chart of the results from the reader poll.


I have to say I'm very surprised at how universally punch deserving you all feel Bubba Watson is at a poll topping 36%.  Pat Reed just pips Monty to second but the real turn up for the books has to be the fantastic showing by Paul Casey in fourth with a whopping 10% of those polled willing to sock him one right in the suckhole. All Paul ever does is smile and be a happy chappy!

Looks like Keegs and his handlers also have a bit of work to do to fix his rep. Could the recent run in with Miguel have anything to do with his 9%?  And I dont know whether Poults is going to be happy or sad that he only got 5% of the vote.
Others included more than one vote for Gary Player and Rory Sabbatini but they were grouped in with others who had single votes.

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