Surely Tiger Woods is the last man on Earth you would want to get advice from about an injury!

Ever since the stone daft "My sacrum popped out" statement a while back we know that Tiger believes everything his physios tell him and can peddle bullshit with the best of them! Oh yes and then there was the "bone popped out in my finger" at The Masters and I "pushed it back in" classic

But it looks like Rory hasn't heard because he's been texting Dr Woods looking for advice.

"He sent me a photo the day he did it. We talked about it for a little bit," Woods told reporters at St Andrews. "He said, 'You've been through a lot of injuries over the years,' so he picked my brain a little bit. We had a good talk. He's doing the right thing, taking care of his body first before he gets back out here.”

He's not doing the right thing talking to you boss! Dr Nick Riviera Woods!

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